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My Vanity Story

Most of my life I applied my makeup and styled my hair while sitting cross legged on the floor in front of a mirror propped against the wall. Makeup, scrunchies, and hair clips were scattered about. No sign of a skincare routine was in sight. There was never enough money, space, or time to make a Vanity my priority. A Husband, two kids, a dog, and a few years later I realized how important it was to take time for self care. It started with implementing a skincare routine. I was so happy with the improvements I was seeing in my skin that I purchased some new makeup and hair styling tools! As I learned more about my preferences in beauty products my collection expanded. I began to research ways to organize my collection and realized organization makes me happy. We had a small office with an old desk that I thought would make the perfect vanity! I bought a few acrylic organizers since I had outgrown my makeup bag. It was a great setup that I really enjoyed. A couple of years later we relocated for work and moved to a new home. I was thrilled when my Husband agreed I could turn the small office into what we call the Makeup Room. I measured the space and went straight to the IKEA website to order the super cute white drawers I had seen in so many YouTube videos. I ordered two of the Alex 9 drawers ($159), two of the Alex 5 drawers ($89), and a Linnmon Tabletop ($39). Assembly took my Husband and I most of the weekend. The Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror ($519) from Vanity Girl Hollywood was the finishing touch on my new Vanity!

Fast forward 12 months and I was tired of the bulbs burning out in my Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror. I didn’t like the heat the bulbs gave off in the small space. It was super hot at times. I didn’t like the bulky appearance of the mirror or the small size. Honestly as time went on there wasn’t much I did like about the mirror. I did end up selling my Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror at a significant loss on Letgo to upgrade to the GLAMCOR Socialite Mirror ($2500) and I’m so happy I did! The GLAMCOR Socialite Mirror is flicker-free continuous lighting with smooth-dimming daylight LED technology and I love everything about it! If I could provide one piece of advice to anyone in the market for a vanity mirror I would say don’t settle. Lighting is everything. Buy the vanity mirror you really want. The Green Velvet Ottoman ($157) is from Amazon. I chose it because my son loves to sit with me while I get ready in the morning and its big enough for both of us to sit comfortably while I apply my makeup cross legged of course! Some things never change! The IKEA Vanity is still going strong. I do have to be gentle. It is made from particle board but I honestly love it! You don’t have to build your dream Vanity over night. It can start small a piece at a time. What matters is having a space where ever that may be to take time for yourself. You deserve it! You can save 15% on vanity mirrors and portable lighting at GLAMCOR with code MYVANITYDREAMS. I’m happy to answer any questions about My Vanity and would love to see yours!

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